Men won’t support female-led action films at the box office. This is the statement made by actor/producer/director Elizabeth Banks following the colossal disappointment of ticket sales for the most recent version of Charlie’s Angels.

The very fact that Elizabeth Banks said this proves she clearly wasn’t paying attention to box office returns for any of the Hunger Games films, Films in which Banks played a sizable role.

The 2019 Angels failed to generate a buzz at the box office. One flop cannot be used to say a male audience will not support a female-led action franchise. To-date, the film has generated $43 million in ticket sales. While that number is not stellar, (hell it doesn’t even equal the film’s reported $55 million budget) it’s not entirely terrible.

Certainly there was a built in Hunger Games audience thanks to the popularity of the books on which the films were based, but it would have been practically impossible for the movies to generate nearly $3 billion. Those films were hits with male and female audience members for simple reasons. A likable and solid cast and great source material.

Could the lack of buzz be attributed to poor marketing? I don’t see how the film was poorly marketed when a commercial for it popped up nearly every time I watched Hulu over the last six weeks. I knew about it and it’s a fairly safe bet that all of Hulu’s estimated 25 million subscribers did as well.

Angels failed because of a lackluster cast, poor casting sources, and poor source material that has been trotted out in one form of visual media or another since the Drew Barrymore-led film of 2000.

The two most marketable names attached to the newest installment of the franchise were Kristen Stewart and Banks herself.

While Banks has been a part of both the Hunger Games, and the hugely successful Pitch Perfect franchise, each of those franchises featured an ensemble of talent carrying the bulk of the film while Banks was there in smaller supporting roles.

Stewart on the other hand, has only had hits in the Twilight franchise. In actuality she spent more time in the press in recent years for her personal relationships than her acting roles. One could even argue that she wasn’t the reason for the Twilight films success as most of that audience was predominantly females there to support Team Edward and Team Jacob. I don’t remember anyone being on Team Bella.

Essentially, this film was marketed around actors who are mostly known as SUPPORTING PLAYERS, and the film performed as such.

Let us hope against all hope that Bosley, Charlie and his Angels are allowed to rest at headquarters while the franchise gets a break and time to recover from this last mission. If it is trotted out again too soon it could be beyond saving.

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad either.