Here’s our pick 6 for November

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale- The OG of Craft Beer is often overlooked these days by craft beer snobs.

2. Sam Adams Octoberfest- Try as we might, we couldn’t leave this OG off the list either. (Don’t worry. We left off Dogfish.

3. Founder’s All Day IPA- An easy-sipping lower gravity IPA that warms you enough to enjoy the brisk fall weather.

4. Ghost in the Machine- This citrusy wonder is an absolutely beautiful beer to pour and to drink. It’s also become a hot commodity with traders.

5. Zippin Pippin- Like the namesake, this IPA from Memphis is a roller coaster ride of enjoyment for any hophead- no matter the time of year.

6. Gerst- This medium amber brown from Yazoo Brewing is a perfect introduction to malty beers.